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CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solutions are vital for a company to manage relations with customers. The sales office must plan customer calls and strategies to keep in touch with existing customers and forge links with new potential customers. Agents must have a complete and concise view to best plan their work.

The solution

There are many CRM software solutions on the market, useful to encourage sales, increase productivity and develop new types of sales. CRM does not just mean software, it is also a business process and, as such, can be standardized or customized as required. Companies often invest large amounts and do not always get their desired ROI.

We have created a module for a simple and cheap CRM web application. From the outset, it aims to offer the essential features for any company to plan sales staff’s calls to customers. Uses HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Node.js. The web application can be used on any device, and is especially suited to the tablets supplied to the sales staff. No need to install software or use specific hardware. The app is compatible with the most popular browsers and there is only one source code.

The application manages two types of users: administrators and sales reps. The administrators check the reps’ list and add new ones. They have a complete view of planned actions, summarized in a handy calendar. Reps enter their scheduled visits and view their statuses. The interface is latest generation. Intuitive, simple and ready to use.

Developed products

The project was developed together with Sinko, a leading company in the Italian market that produces laminate changing room furniture. Sinko has been creating lockers, shower cubicles, dressing cubicles, doors, benches and hand washing surfaces for over 30 years with highly resistant materials. It works with major sports clubs.

With the CRM module we helped Sinko digitalize the sales process, customizing the software according to its needs. At the same time, the solution can be easily replicated for companies in other sectors, saving time and money considerably.

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