Quality, Privacy and Agility.

Feedback –> Design, Development, Delivery. Feedback –> Design, Development, Delivery. A cycle that is continuously evolving and improving.



Technology defines the success of the project and we are committed to providing the best solution for every customer. We use our knowledge, experience and ideas to build our processes around quality-driven development.
We count on long-standing partnerships with our customers and ensure our communication is transparent, reliable and honest. Every project is different and requires a unique approach, so we treat each project as our own, focusing on the best solutions and guaranteeing the highest quality to each customer. Our company counts on people, collaboration, interaction and common future goals.


Privacy Palmabit

Privacy by default. Always important yet often overlooked. Our customers’ data are safe, management is transparent with clear flows of information on who has access to what and when. Everything must be shared with the customer.


Agility Palmabit

By agility we mean our ability to respond to change. The world around us is changing faster than ever. Business agility responds to changing customer needs, market conditions, new technology players and even legislation or customer perceptions.
To maintain our agility, at Palmabit we use tools such as Scrum and Kanban, fast planning and short work interaction.

Full Stack

Full stack

A new software product must be designed, created and maintained in all its aspects. From designing the user's experience, to cloud infrastructure with the right provider. We rely on Amazon AWS, Digital Ocean and Aruba Cloud. We use tools that allow continuous delivery and continuous integration such as Docker and GitLab. We have chosen JavaScript as our programming language, and we have specific experience using NodeJS, React and Angular.

Develop custom

Agility Palmabit

Discover all you need to know about developing custom software.

As a business leader, you have goals you need to achieve with limited time and money.

• Will a web app help increase value for the business? Is it measurable?

• Are there any limitations that must be respected?

• Will the project be of a set duration?

• Will the management and attention given to this project be the main activities?

In this simple guide for business leaders you can find out if custom software may be the right solution, today.

If your still aren’t sure, ask us!