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When starting your custom software development journey, you will most likely feel excited and eager to see your ideas take shape.
You might also be a little worried about the process of transforming your idea into a real and working product you can rely on for years to come; all this is understandable and normal, because the process of developing and delivering custom software projects is not always instantly clear and can be daunting. It can take months, cost thousands of euros and require a special level of commitment.
At Palmabit, every project is always a partnership and requires its due time.

This short guide will help you understand if custom software can be the answer to your company's needs.

Are you a corporate leader or an innovator? Carry on reading.

This is our custom software development process: share with Palmabit, your new digital partner, your business knowledge.

Often the first questions to answer are these:

  • can the new software (mobile app, web application, etc.) increase turnover?
  • how long will the project take?
  • Do we have the time for the new software project or are we already busy with other tasks?

To your best knowledge, does your new application appeal to users and is it performing at its best.

< p> Now there are two matters to consider :

  1. Business logic.
  2. Change as a standard.

Business logic

Business logic is how our company "makes money", the business model of our company. Does the application depend on this logic to work?

For example, a simple product showcase or a catalog application may not depend on any business logic. A leading e-commerce company may have business logic that depends on inventory control, shipments and / or user experience during the purchase.

Change as standard

Will our application need to change often over time? The market is changing, and these days it does so quickly. Is our application able to respond to this change?

A social networking application is constantly evolving, user feedback will always be new and will often have to be heard.

Costs and time for custom software development

How much will the project cost and how long will it take?

If your business idea is in its early stages, it might be useful to create a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). A MVP reduces financial risk and tests the new business idea.

“An MVP is a concise summary of the smallest possible group of features that will work as a stand-alone product while still at least the "core" problem and demonstrating the product's value. " - Steve Blank


Palmabit can help you create a small pilot project to test the idea with real, paying customers in 30/60 days with budgets of less than € 15,000 and € 50,000. Typical development time is about 5-6 weeks. A 50% deposit is required upfront and 50% upon delivery of the product.

Our goal is to reduce the risk of your project even before it starts. By investing a little more in this phase, you will save thousands of euros and frustration in future.

The duration of a project, and therefore the number of reverts, depends on how well the features of your software are defined at the start, from the clarity and precision of the artifacts and from speed of implementation.

If your software is very simple or you come to us with clear ideas, development will be relatively quick. We can concentrate on passing your know-how on to our team, creating a development environment and estimating the efforts required.

Aim for successful products

If the project is successful, it will make money. If it is not successful, change the business model and try again.

Limited failure

If the project is not successful, then the investment was limited in terms of time and money spent. Each experience and failure teaches us something useful.

Defined budgets

When the investment is limited and divided into small steps, it is easier to manage the budget available.
The best software or technology alone does not guarantee success. Paying customers are the first goal and come before perfect technology.
If the MVP is successful, all subsequent improvements and developments will be driven by paying customers rather than investment.

Maintenance and growth

Successful software is like a factory. It needs to be maintained. A maintenance contract often covers:

  • development of new features
  • continuous improvement, the business grows and we are always looking for customers and new revenue streams;
  • security issues: must be faced, because every day problems arise due to cyber attacks and we cant be taken by surprise;
  • performance: as the software is used by more and more people or it becomes an asset for the business, traffic will increase and could lead to slow response times which drives customers away. Like a busy street, we need to make decisions and improve traffic.

Only one thing remains to be done

Custom software can be the answer to your needs but not the solution to every problem.
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