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A real-time chat is a communication channel that offers the direct transmission of messages (including text, video, files, etc.) from the sender to the recipient via the Internet.
A real-time chat includes one-to-one and one-to-many group chats and is based on a variety of tools such as IM, IRC, etc.

For example: WhatsApp, Google Talk, Skype and Facebook Messenger.


Forcatch is a startup based in London born with the aim of facilitating, through its application platform, the connection between people and between companies ensuring rapid engagement and respect for privacy.

Forcatch preserves anonymity thanks to the innovative method of engagement between users in proximity via Bluetooth or via QR code. Users will not have to share any personal data.

Two native mobile applications have been developed, for Apple iOS and Google Android, and a back-office application for business.

The application is aimed at an international, consumer and business market. Internationalization of the product was necessary.

Why Node.js for real-time chat?

Node.js offers all the basic services and components necessary for creating chats thanks to its event-driven architecture.

Nodejs allows you to easily use:

  • push notification technology: push notification technology is a short message in the form of alerts or updates sent to users on their cell phones.
    This technology has evolved from a conventional message delivery system to interactive and advanced support
  • Node.js WebSocket: WebSocket is a protocol used to create web-based data streaming applications and real-time communication applications.
    It allows the rapid bi-directional exchange of messages between client and server and distributes applications in real time in a simple and efficient way.


  • Privacy by Default
  • UI / UX Design
  • A/B Testing with end customers
  • Product management
  • Internationalization and localization of the product
  • Mobile Software development/li>
  • Native app software development
  • Web development


  • UI / UX Design
  • A/B Testing with end customers
  • iOS native app development (Swift)
  • Android native app development (Java / Kotlin)
  • NodeJS custom chat server (JavaScript
  • Firebase authentication
  • Business frontend - ReactJS

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