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How to integrate the Internet of Things and mobile applications in industrial processes

There is a growing need to improve customer experience in the agri-food industry too by integrating with the potential of digital media. Production and management of silos especially can take advantage of a software tool to optimize results.
Integrating an app in an industrial process means having accurate and far-reaching control of the workflow, avoiding the frequent problems deriving from lack of accurate information.
In the agri-food industry, this translates into monitoring silo information and automatically activating an alarm that signals any changes in the standard values

The solution

We have created a technologically advanced tool based on HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Node.js technologies consisting of a mobile application for end users and a web application for the company. The technologies were chosen with the aim of creating a software infrastructure compatible with the most popular devices and browsers, all while maintaining a single source code.
Applying the data control equipment on the silos, which is managed independently by the customer, the software architecture we developed manages the readings taken and sends alarm notifications to users. The solution created allows the company’s customers to archive and view data (temperature, humidity, etc.) and set alarm thresholds. At the same time, the company can manage the details of enabled users and link devices used.
Finally, in order to communicate to users the caliber of the company, we have added an information section, with a quick contact function and viewable product catalog.

Developed products

We implemented this solution for Agritech, a company specializing in manufacturing silos for the agri-food sector. Agritech wanted to improve their service offering and increase customer acquisition with an advanced and freely accessible tool.
Through the integration of different elements, we met Agritech's needs and at the same time created an architecture that can be replicated for various requirements. The same technology can be used by other industries to detect the temperature and humidity of a building, for example. It is also possible to add or remove detectable size types.

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