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Software development for calculation of taxi and NCC fares

One of the biggest challenges for managing taxis is automatic calculation of fares. Especially in the case of large cities, there may be many geographic areas that differ significantly from each other.

The solution

To find an innovative solution for calculating taxi rates we have created an algorithm that allows you to apply the fare based on geographical areas, defined by the user simply by drawing them on a map. Our starting point was the price lists and mileage rate cards normally used.
During the price calculation phase, the developed algorithm takes into consideration only the geographical areas of the route as chosen by the customer (i.e. the polygons drawn by the user).
The calculation logic is customizable, for example if our customer’s trip crosses different geographical areas (therefore with different fares) the driver can choose to apply the fare with the lowest surcharge.

Developed products

Our solution has been adopted by several taxi companies and the NCC:

  • Bardolino Transfers s.n.c
  • Taxi&AutoBlu soc. coop.

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