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In the world of sport, especially cycling, it is essential to create quality clothing that can be differentiated and customized according to the needs of each athlete. Being able to independently adapt the details of the garment according to their needs is a unique opportunity to offer a unique service in the market. This is done by displaying a preview of the selections made and then automatically sending a quote request.

The solution

To offer a platform able to manage these needs, we created a web application that can be used directly through a browser. The platform allows you to access your garment model and customize it by choosing details such as: variant, color, text, logos and images.
The solution, based on HTML, CSS and JavaScript technologies, allows you to view changes in real time, with an interactive 3D model that is very simple to use and at the same time effective.
Since every detail of the garment can be chosen, a fully customized quote is sent automatically to the user. We put the user experience and the flexibility of the final product first, to be able to create something that reflects the team's brand identity and the individual needs of each athlete. Even though it is an online application, there will be a tangible trace of the specific requests during and after the model is created.

Developed products

We created this application for Alka Sport, a company that specializes in sporting apparel, in particular for cycling. Alka Sport wanted to offer its sales staff and customers a solution that would allow them to be independent and at the same time give them wide choice regarding the product.
The intention of Alka Sport was to create a fluid process for requesting a quote, with the aim however of continuing to personally manage the final steps of the order.
Future developments will seek to extend automation of the order process, including the outcome of the quote, payment and management of the order status. A user area accessed with username and password can also be developed, integrating various payment systems.
Through the application model created, we can adapt this solution for different purposes, such as automotive products, appliances, toys, furniture and accessories.

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