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The UI and UX design process is what defines the visual and experiential character of the digital product. The two themes, interface design and user experience design all complement each other to form a distinctive style without taking away from the use of the product.

To create the “look & feel“ of the digital product, we start off with an in-depth analysis of the guidelines to be used in the project. First of all, the screen flow is fundamental to understanding how the end user will move through the product, which choices he will make and whether or not he will be able to use the product in the best and easiest way.

Once we have analyzed the flow and part of the User Experience, we then decide what will be displayed on each screen by creating project wireframes. Wireframes are sketches made with simple shapes that help us (and the customer) understand how the dimensions and positioning of items in the final drawing will be managed.

We give shape to the wireframes using a mock-up (final design), making sure the visual side of the product really catches your eye. Nothing is left to chance in the design process and great care is put into each and every pixel.

The UI/UX process is then completed with the creation of an interactive prototype: animations and interactions between screens are studied and created to make the project as dynamic as possible. The prototype is then shared, so that it can be used on any device.

We use the best tools on the market and we are always on the lookout for the latest news. The various tools we use include: Sketch, Adobe XD, Adobe Illustrator, Whimsical and ProtoPie.

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