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Within Palmabit, we create serverless applications for your business.

Serverless applications are cloud-native applications that can be managed without a physical support infrastructure. As a result, development dynamics are much more flexible and manageable.

Managing serverless applications means not having to deal with operating systems, the status of the servers and all the issues related to them at an application level. The applications are run on servers. They are managed not by the developers, but rather the cloud. It is therefore a more scalable and transparent solution, which allows developers to focus on the code, the product and the result required.

Among the other advantages of serverless computing < / strong> is that the risk of over / under provisioning IT resources is eliminated, there is no risk that virtual machines will have to wait aimlessly for the conditions required to provide the services, and greater freedom in language.

When choosing this type of application, our customers can invest more in user experience, usability and can enjoy a smaller investment in heavy IT infrastructure.

Our goal is to help our customers make the most of their digital opportunities.

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