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Big Data, which is becoming increasingly central in representing reality, is now fundamental for businesses. They allow better understanding of the target and the market and as a result, a more effective lever on objectives.

The IoT, linked to mobile and social media, transforms data into real knowledge and completes the by now wide and accurate vision of the phenomena you are tracking. The Internet of Things manages to relate data, interpret it and develop strategies.

Billions of connected devices offer great opportunities for IoT companies. Palmabit can accelerate the success of your smart products with IoT solutions for specific industrial applications.

The Big Data phenomenon has always been around, but in recent years Big Data has increased in relevance. At the same time, increasingly difficult challenges have been launched for optimal implementation of Big Data solutions that extract significant value.

At Palmabit we develop business solutions based on big data technologies: data mining and data management (data acquisition, validation, archiving, analysis, research, querying, updating, privacy of information). We apply advanced models of analysis of big and deep learning algorithms, to ensure a result that guarantees quality of data.

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