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Development of software for sales and printing of tickets and passes

It is becoming increasingly important to create solutions that can easily and automatically manage ticket sales and passes, in all their aspects. The need to be able to book and plan activities, especially in the case of theme parks, museums, other institutions and events, has grown.

The solution

Thanks to the cash desk developed, it is now possible to sell, book and print tickets, reserve seating, issue vouchers with bar codes to be shown at the entrance and sell or book access to events online.
The software created accepts various types of payment, including credit cards, POS, 18App and Bitcoin, and can be integrated with turnstiles. Alternatively, you can also use QR codes to check and ‘punch’ tickets. Through e-commerce you can book visits online and pay via Xpay or Paypal, which are totally integrated with management systems, web portals and CMSs.
Sales data can then be exported to automatically create statistics and reports and manage data to create columns or newsletters.
To meet the growing requirements of privacy and security, access to the sales software is protected and differentiated by type of operator and all the operations carried out can be recorded, thereby identifying the ticket operators.
Finally, you can choose to enable an unlimited number of sales stations and ticket operators, who can operate independently and simultaneously.

Developed products

For the Vittoriale degli Italiani Foundation we created a complete and integrated ticketing solution, which was scalable and maintainable. The platform allows communication to POS, turnstiles, printing systems and e-commerce and in this way reduces costs and increases maintainability, which is already optimal since it is in a cloud.

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